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The City of Hermosa Beach is kicking off an upgrade to the City website, hermosabch.org. In December 2017, the City Council authorized staff to initiate an upgrade to the City's website hermosabch.org. 

To ensure that our website updates meet the needs of the community, we are seeking your input on likes, dislikes, and general feedback regarding the current website. You can take the survey here: http://www.hermosabch.org/index.aspx?page=932

The upgrades will include a new design and features to incorporate new technology, comply with accessibility laws and keep up with evolving trends related to online content and information sharing. 

Website Upgrade Photo

Introduction and Overview

The City of Hermosa Beach is currently working on updating and integrating two of the City’s key planning documents - the General Plan and Local Coastal Program. Collectively referred to as PLAN Hermosa, this Plan will set a long-term vision and provide policy direction and guidance to residents, City staff, decision-makers, and the community on what investments we make in our infrastructure, how we preserve our small beach town character, where changes are needed to grow our economy and create local jobs, and how we aspire to create a healthier environment that protects our coastal resources and sets Hermosa Beach on a path toward a more sustainable future. Within PLAN Hermosa, goals and measurable actions have been established that will help us achieve our long term vision as a community that values our small beach town character, vibrant economy, and healthy environment and lifestyles.


We want to hear your constructive feedback regarding this draft Plan. Please be as specific as you can in your responses/recommendations. We will then aggregate the input collected and share with City Staff and Decision-Makers.


Review the Latest Documents

Comments submitted on the Public Review Draft of PLAN Hermosa on or before February 25, 2016 will be considered in the Public Hearing Draft presented to the City’s Commissions and City Council beginning in March 2016.

December 15, 2015 – Public Review Draft: http://issuu.com/planhermosa/docs/plan_hermosa_public_review_draft_hi

A hard copy of the document is also available for review at the following locations: Hermosa Beach Community Development Department, Hermosa Beach Police Department, Hermosa Beach Library, and the City's Community Center.


Provide Your Feedback

Between now and June 2016, the community will have five different ways, and at least 12 in-person opportunities to help shape PLAN Hermosa before it is adopted by the City Council. The different ways to participate include:

    - Request a presentation to your organization.

    - Attend the open house event or walking tours.

    - Participate online through this SpeakUp Hermosa! forum.

    - Watch or provide public comment at one of 10 study sessions or public hearings.

    - Provide written comments, ask questions, or discuss your concerns via email to generalplan@hermosabch.org or in writing to Ken Robertson, Community Development Director, City of Hermosa Beach, 1315 Valley Drive Hermosa Beach, CA 90254.


Please visit the project webpage for additional information regarding upcoming meetings and to see the latest documents. http://www.hermosabch.org/index.aspx?page=767


In 2017, a grant program was launched by Los Angeles County and The United Way of Greater Los Angeles’ Home for Good Funders Collaborative for individual cities to develop effective, localized solutions to addressing homelessness in their respective communities. The City applied for and received grant funding for the specific purpose of developing a City Homelessness Plan that will serve as a road map to prevent and combat homelessness locally and regionally.


General Overview

- There are 57,795 persons in Los Angeles County who are homeless on a given night.

- Los Angeles County voters passed Measure H  in 2017, raising $355 million annually in sales taxes, to be spent on services for homeless people.

- City of Los Angeles voters approved Proposition HHH, a $1.2 billion bond to build new permanent supportive housing for homeless people.

- LA County is using all available resources: mental health, libraries, hospitals, parks.


Goals of the Planning Process

- To identify what the City can do, what resources are available, and what resources are needed.

- To engage everyone: residents, businesses, and government, to contribute to a collaborative approach to address homelessness.


Hermosa Beach Scope of Homelessness

- Nineteen individuals were identified during the Point-in-Time (PIT) homeless count in January, 2017; Hermosa Beach’s population has been relatively stable over the past 5 years.

- Four individuals were living in vehicles and makeshift shelters; ten were on the street.

- Five individuals were in shelters.

- Numbers are likely to increase during the summer months.


Provide Your Feedback

To ensure that our plan meets the needs of the community and reflects the City’s resources, we need your feedback on the following questions to better understand what homelessness looks like in our community and to help shape the City’s strategies:

1) In your opinion, what do you see are the key issues and impacts related to homelessness in our City?


2) What strategies or approaches would you like to be included in a Community Homelessness Plan? 

The Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau and City are working together to bring some new elements to Fiesta Hermosa and we want your feedback. These new features include:
  Fiesta de las Artes Art Zone,
  Gourmet food truck options, 
  Love our Locals Discounts,
  an expanded acoustic area at Pier and Monterey'
  additional retailers along Pier Avenue,
  reconfiguration of booths along Hermosa Ave to provide access to storefronts, 
  designated rideshare pickup zones, and
  enhanced informational event materials. 

Now is the time to tell us what you thought by providing your feedback. If you attended the most recent event, please take a moment and share your thoughts with us. Please note that all comments submitted on this forum will become part of the official City record. Do not include any personal information like addresses or phone numbers.