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The Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau and City are working together to bring some new elements to Fiesta Hermosa and we want your feedback. These new features include:
  Fiesta de las Artes Art Zone,
  Gourmet food truck options, 
  Love our Locals Discounts,
  an expanded acoustic area at Pier and Monterey'
  additional retailers along Pier Avenue,
  reconfiguration of booths along Hermosa Ave to provide access to storefronts, 
  designated rideshare pickup zones, and
  enhanced informational event materials. 

Now is the time to tell us what you thought by providing your feedback. If you attended the most recent event, please take a moment and share your thoughts with us. Please note that all comments submitted on this forum will become part of the official City record. Do not include any personal information like addresses or phone numbers. 

    Tried to take my kids to Valley Park today as I don’t find the Fiesta as kid friendly for Hermosa residents as other local fairs. I parked adjacent to the park and while unloading my car from the trunk and trying to contain my two young children, i was almost hit within inches by a large fiesta shuttle bus as I was directly behind my car and looking in the trunk of my car. This area is too narrow for these large buses and someone is going to get killed.

    The Fiesta was the best yet this Memorial Day - with addition of the local Arts area and Memorial speaker/recognition. Plus, the Chamber's info booth was needed, I felt, more than ever. And every Fiesta guest seemed extra appreciative of the info booth assistance. :) Suggest - they sell t-shirts at info booth AND try to get more wine at "beer" garden. Call it "Beer and Wine Garden", as lots of attendees drink wine. :)

    Ira Ellman about 2 years ago

    The recent Fiesta failed again on many levels. Swap meet booths (mattresses, knives, cars, time share, sheets, etc.) were everywhere, despite our residents' desire to see the Fiesta focus on arts and crafts. In addition, there was minimal involvement as usual from local groups (Boy & Girl Scouts, school organizations, church organizations, local non-profits, etc.). The Chamber had the audacity to charge local organizations such as Hermosa 5-0 $750 for a booth. Note that the Chamber apparently and ironically gets free space in the city's community center. Many of the local businesses do not do well during Fiesta weekends. It is obvious that the Chamber of Commerce will not make substantial changes. In addition, I believe a majority of Hermosa residents would like to have at most only one Fiesta a year. In addition, if even one Fiesta is allowed to continue, the city should require specific guidelines to satisfy shortcomings detailed above.