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The question is becoming more of an issue as children have greater access to content on smartphones and tablets. Research says that children only watch and interact with high quality screen content. As a parent, determining what kids cartoon are appropriate for your child is very important. Cartoons that inspire creativity and imagination are especially important for kids as young as 2 years. Kids cartoon videos that encourage children to be more active are useful for all age ranges. Like movement videos, kids videos that focus on teaching topics are useful for all age ranges.

Choose apps to watch cartoons that focus on topics you’d most like your child to learn. Look for cartoons with clear, positive messaging about empathy, acceptance, racial tolerance, respect, integrity, as well as understanding and learning from consequences.

Stop wasting hours looking for good cartoon streaming apps for kids. Here is the list of best cartoon streaming apps for fun and safe entertainment.

Hopster: Learn & Watch Kids TV

Hopster is one of the popular cartoon streaming apps that provides a safe place for young children to access educational and entertaining media. Hopster is a kids’ TV app, with learning games for kids, as well as great pre-school, pre school, or preschool books and fun music.

Hopster have handpicked a great range of the best preschool kids TV, with hundreds of your child’s favourite cartoons from Ben and Holly, Mummy Pig, Sid the Science Kids to Sesame Street.

Hopster provides video, music, books, simple games and creative activities specifically chosen for young children. The cartoons aren't just in-house shows but ones including famous and popular characters. The books are childhood favourites - often with the option of being read aloud by a famous voice and showing the illustrations.

KidsCast - Watch, Play & Learn

Kids Cast is like a one-stop shop for a mix of education and entertainment activities that are completely safe and appropriate for children. Videos, games, books, songs and paper-based activities will give your child a great resource to learn from and use to avoid boredom.

You will get unlimited access to brilliant shows like Milton, Ludwig, Little Monsters and other 100+ hours of original and exclusive kids TV.

The video content is of high quality both in terms of how it is displayed in the app and in its production. Two series of the popular puppets of Sooty and Friends are included as well as other entertaining shows. Some of these shows are instructional and creative, such as how to draw. This will pair nicely with the simple art package built into the app. In a novel approach, there are also some broadcast TV shows from times past.

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