There appears to be additional tar buildup in the weeks following the initial cleanup after the Refugio oil spill. I should think the oil company responsible could send a smaller crew to do another cleanup. The tar clumps on the beach are still larger than what could be considered natural seepage.

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David Lantzer almost 5 years ago

Mr. Hart, thank you for you inquiry. I called the National Response Center (NRC) to report the presence of tar balls on the beach. The Coast Guard sent a crew to investigate my report. I heard back from them this morning. They acknowledge the presence of tar balls, but feel it falls below their 1% coverage of the shoreline criteria for sampling. If you notice tar balls on the beach, I strongly encourage you to call the NRC at 800-424-8802. The NRC will generate a report, Coast Guard will investigate and will even follow-up with you if you request them to do so and provide contact information.