Hermosa Beach is a Poopy place to live. I say this because every time I go for a walk there is new dog poop. What I would like suggest as we create a multi-departmental team headed up by the City Manager to address this problem. One suggestion would be for animal control to hand out “Good Doggie Citizen Award” little metal badges that could attach to a collar, to those walking their dogs with the necessary implements to clean up after them. Community Services could then use their smart phone to take a picture of the dog and the owner and we could make little posters titled “Good Doggie Citizen” with their pictures and the caption I clean up after my dog because it’s the right thing to do. We could then hand them out to business establishments to post in their window. One other suggestion is for the Community Service Animal Control to hand out brochures at Pier and along the strand, advising people what to do in the event they see someone walk away from a pile of Poo. This is also a major problem in Paris, maybe we can learn from them and what they’ve implemented to try and stem the problem. http://www.npr.org/2013/01/26/170321680/not-just-a-fashion-hot-spot-paris-is-also-the-capital-of-dog-mess or http://www.thelocal.fr/20130819/paris-suburb-to-use-cctv-to-fight-dog-poo-plague or examples of what the mayor of Paris is trying: http://www.bonjourparis.com/story/oh-poo/

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