It seems everyday there is an old property being torn down to make way for a new one. I am all for developing and renovation, however many of our beautiful houses are being demolished for investors to come in and build spec homes. Is there a historic register of houses? How can we protect these houses? And how can we honor them?

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Nicole Ellis almost 4 years ago

Good morning Allen,

Thank you for your interest in the preservation of historic resources throughout the City of Hermosa Beach. Below is a brief summary of the City’s Historic Resources Preservation Ordinance and the review process for a nominated historic resource.

The City adopted a Historic Resources Preservation Ordinance in 1988 with the intent of promoting public health, safety, and general welfare by identifying, protecting, and enhancing historic resources throughout the City. Chapter 17.53 of the Hermosa Beach Municipal Code, link below, outlines the landmark designation criteria, City Council determination process, and additional procedures pertaining to existing and potential historic resources.!/HermosaBeach17/HermosaBeach1753.html

Three buildings have been designated by the City for protection under the City’s Historic Resources preservation Ordinance.

• The ‘Bijou Theater’ at 1229-1235 Hermosa Avenue is a local and state designated landmark. • The Bank of America Building at 90 Pier Avenue and Hermosa Hotel at 20-26 Pier Avenue are designated as potential landmarks that warrant further study by Section 17.53.040(B) of the Historic Preservation ordinance (per Planning Commission Resolution No. 98-65). • The Community Center was designated a locally significant landmark for the purposes of a grant application (City Council Resolution 02-6216).

The City’s General Plan Land Use Element (Historic Preservation) designates 28 resources as potentially significant including those listed above, although several have been demolished and others have been significantly altered. The City’s Historic Resources Map can be found on the City website.

Nominations of an historic resource as a landmark shall be made by the City, or by application of the property owner or property owners representing a majority or controlling interest in the property on which the resource is located.

In order to be eligible for consideration as a landmark, an historic resource must be at least 50 years old; with the exception that an historic resource of at least 30 years old may be eligible if the Council determines that the resource is exceptional, or that it is threatened by demolition, removal, relocation, or inappropriate alteration.

Please feel free to contact the Planning Department at (310) 318-0242 or stop by the front counter with any additional questions or concerns you may have regarding historic preservation throughout the City of Hermosa Beach.

Thanks again for your interest in the preservation of historic resources throughout the City,

Nicole Ellis Assistant Planner Development Department City of Hermosa Beach (310) 318-0244

Lorie Armendariz almost 4 years ago

You can protect the old buildings by buying them. Once they belong to you, you are free to preserve them.

Leo Barker almost 3 years ago

What is the timeline on the City designating for protection those remaining 25 resources identified in the City’s General Plan Land Use Element (Historic Preservation) as potentially significant? least those that have not already been demolished? (cf the City’s Historic Resources Map on the City website)