I certainly wouldn't put in a rifle range in an effort to improve Hermosa. I just now heard Hermosa Beach CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS (some of whom I voted for) just voted on and approved a rifle range in downtown Hermosa. Aside from the potential danger factor and very loud noise pollution this will create, it is planned near an elementary school, and is replacing the "friends of the library". TO HBCC Members: Are you guys kidding me?!?! This it an outrage. How could you approve something so controversial without taking the vote to the people? I for one, do not feel that you are representing the wishes of your constituency on this one...and I don't think I'm alone on this either. I have a feeling you will be hearing from many Hermosa residents in the VERY NEAR FUTURE on this topic. Who do you think you are anyway--Congress?!?!

Concerned Hermosa Beach Resident on Loma Drive

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Milton McKinnon, Hermoa Beach Police Captain about 4 years ago

Ms. Gray, I appreciate your concerns and hope that we can address some of the issues. I invite you to contact Sgt. Higgins (310-318-0308), he is the person best suited to answer many of your questions/concerns. I also believe that the following article can also shed some light on the issue(s): http://www.easyreadernews.com/99818/hermosa-beach-police-firing-range-stirs-controversy/

Let me assure you of the following: The Force Option Simulator/Range (FOS) will not displace the Friends of the Library. The FOS is slated to be installed in a different building.

Noise concerns: The FOS is built in such a way that little if no sound can be heard outside of the structure. To help mitigate sound issues further, the FOS structure will be located inside the Police Motor structure. Essentially the FOS will be a structure within a structure.

Safety Concerns: The contractor builds this equipment for the federal government (FBI/DEA) as well as state and local governments. It is built to withstand higher caliber ammunition than we at HBPD use. Again, this armored structure will be inside of a building, adding additional protections.

This short email is not intended to mollify all your concerns. I wanted to give you some assurances and further resources to connect with. I encourage you to speak with Sgt. Higgins.

As with anyone, I encourage you to contact me if you ever have any concerns with our Police Department. I believe we have some of the best and brightest officers in the profession and I know that our community deserves nothing less.

Kari Walker about 4 years ago

This is a small town and to take up space for a shooting range when other cities have shooting ranges that could be used is ridiculous. It is necessary to be proactive but there are so many other things that the same money could be used for like the sewers and street maintenance and paying off the millions we owe currently