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I'd like to see an outdoor exercise station somewhere down by the strand. For example, a location could be in Noble Park somewhere. It doesn't need to be big. I was thinking of something similar to what they have by the strand at Bruce's Beach in Manhattan, with pull-up bars, etc. This would be a nice complement to the training opportunities that the beach area has to offer.

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Newport Beach has a great system that allows dogs on the beach in the morning and evening. No dogs from 10am-5pm. This is awesome for local residents with dogs who love the ocean. It's such a beautiful place, wouldn't it be great if our dogs could enjoy it with us?

Allowing them only during these off times would keep tourists from disrespecting the area, but locals (who are more responsible and actually care for the ocean) could walk their dogs before/after work.

As someone who does regular beach cleanups, the amount of trash that tourists leave is atrocious! I would be out there cleaning up even more often if it could double as a dog walk.

Any dog owners out there agree?

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For about 3 years now, summer brings biting flies to the last block of Pier Avenue. I go there every day with my dog and my ankles are covered with welts from insect bites. They look like regular house flies, but they bite like mosquitoes. Because I tend to hang out with my dog (Sasquatch), people talk to me and a lot of tourists have complained about the flies. Even the bartenders, waitresses, have mentioned how bad they are. If you can't sit outside, the park benches and eating establishments are severely impacted. This is a tourist area. Not to mention us locals can't enjoy it. I'm not sure the cause or cost, but it's a major issue. I can't patronize the shops there unless I get food to go or eat inside or go late at night.