Meeting Time: November 13, 2018 at 5:55pm PST
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    Peter Tucker admin 8 months ago

    As staff report mentions there was a problem in early 2000 with commercial airliners flow too low over the beach communities. The aircraft were not flying the Daggett loop which required commercial aircraft to be at an minimum altitude of 10,000ft when crossing over the surf line of the beach cities. Hermosa and Manhattan had to purchase a radar to prove to the FAA that the aircraft were too low . The cities proved this by the radar data recorded and the airlines now out of LAX fly this loop correctly.
    FAA requires that all aircraft fly no than 1,000 feet over densely populated areas (cities) , no lower that 500 feet over non-densely populated areas (body of water ) and no nearer than 500 feet from any person or structure when flying over any body of water or water or any non-densely populated area.
    The LAX Daggett loop is being enforced but with the growing demand of commercial flights areas that are contributing to aircraft noise due to the approved flight paths are Hawthorne, Torrance and Long Beach airports. All aircraft are under the control of the FAA for our safety when flying. This is a noble idea to join this effort but people have to realize that aircraft noise is unavoidable when flying at the minimum required altitudes. . There is a web site called Flight Tracker where you can see all aircraft in flight their altitude and airline name.