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    Ron Felsing 4 months ago

    (didn't know exactly where to comment this at - RE: 27th/Gould)

    I have lived on 27th Street for a number of years now. Just the daily traffic is overly annoying - then on 3-day holiday weekends our days have been ruined with shuttle buses for the Hermosa Beach fairs from 7am to well past 8pm. Then presently we are having "the parade" of trucks from the Hermosa Avenue project.

    We on 27th./Gould have the same rights as the other citizens of Hermosa Beach. Years ago Porter Ave was closed to through traffic (I believe a council member had lived on that street) along with 24th Place, and 24th Street (Redondo Beach simply put up "No right turn" during morning hours along Aviation to stop cars from going into those east neighborhoods - same could have be done for 24th Place and 24th Street for the late afternoons/evenings commuter hours). Then various numbered streets along PCH to the east were made with barricades or one-ways to stop traffic on their streets.

    Then those on The Strand and the walk streets already have the luxury of no vehicles in front of their homes and just garages in back - but barricades were put at every walk street on Beach Drive (Manhattan Beach's equivalent of Ocean Drive was made one-way at various points as to stop continuous through traffic). My TV viewing is interrupted in my living room by noisy traffic - those on The Strand and walk streets NEVER having that happen to them and then they now no traffic even in their alleys.

    The examples of those closed streets are not fair for those of us on 27th Street/Gould. Why are those streets changed for those residents and then no consideration is ever given to us?

    There are other routes besides just 27th/Gould. I believe there was some recent project on Highland Avenue, instead of the trucks logically taking Longfellow to Valley Dr, and then to Gould east - then were directed up and down 27th/Gould to Manhattan Ave.

    The present Hermosa Avenue project could have been distributed equally on several routes - there are Pier Avenue, 8th Street, 2nd Street, and Herondo IN ADDITION to just 27th/Gould.
    (Herondo is very little grade, just one stop sign between Hermosa Ave and PCH, nothing on the south side, then a lot of commercial property on the north side. Much less intrusive than any other route.)

    So your consideration is in order for those of us on 27th/Gould.

    Ron Felsing