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    Claudia Berman about 1 year ago

    I agree with all of David Grethen's comments on his letter (4/29/19)

    Some additional comments:
    In order to improve communication with the community, please post more projects on the city's website. It would be great if every project over 100K had a "page" or "section" within a page with the project description detail, rather than having to go to the "Project Description Sheets" in a file. For large projects over $1M, like Sewers, 8th street, they should always have their own page with a quarterly status update on the page itself, since these projects tend to span years. When a project has "various locations" in the description, there needs to be supporting detail specifying those locations. For example, the "Sewer Improvements" page should have a list of the targeted locations and mark those locations as complete as the project is being worked.

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    Anthony Higgins about 1 year ago

    Tuesday, April 30, 2019

    Section E. of the attached document from the Hermosa Beach City Attorney’s Office includes a commitment to fully pave 27th by the end of FY 2019-20.


    E. Current Efforts to Improve 27th Street
    There are current plans in place to repair the trench near 346 27th Street, which is scheduled for October 3, 2018. This should help eliminate noise and vibration complaints from vehicles driving over this location. There are also future plans for a full paving of 27th Street by the end of the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

    Moreover, I have similar verbal commitments from Public Works.

    Yet, the City Manager’s Office did NOT include a recommendation for funds in the FY 2019-20 CIP draft being discussed tonight to pave 27th Street OR study the safety and environmental impacts of allowing 27th to become a defacto trucks-route and an arterial-roadway.

    The city is fully aware that the road-surface on 27th street between Morningside Drive and Manhattan has completely failed.

    City Crews have been dispatched to fill about 75 potholes and 40 or so curb to curb transverse cracks.

    These repairs have taken place on at least 3 occasions in the past 4 months and some of those repairs have had to be repaired twice. Many other pothole-patches made just in the past 2 months have again-failed because of the constant heavy truck traffic.

    The city is fully aware that roads deteriorate at an exponential rate once they reach a certain level of decay and the Fugro Pavement Condition analysis commissioned by the city confirms this fact in a chart I have sent to the Council and City Manager’s Office several times.

    27th street is in the throes of exponential road-surface decay as evidenced by the frequent repairs that deteriorate within weeks of being implemented. There can be no question about that.

    27th street needs full resurfacing CONSISTENT with the City Attorney’s Office commitment in the 9/25/18 letter, including a fix for the drainage ditch at Morningside Drive on 27th street eastbound that commonly lift truck beds off their frame slam down at over 110dB.

    Despite the repairs cited by the City attorney in Section E of the 9/28 letter, we are again experiencing the same slamming, noise and vibration, only its occurring at several different points on 27th street east and westbound not just 345 27th street. The constant stream of heavy delivery and heavy construction trucks on weekdays is destroying our neighborhood.

    The overall truck and vehicle noise situation on 27th has gotten much worse, not better.

    Finally. as it relates to Capital Improvements, the telephone poles on 27th westbound need to be removed.

    These poles obstruct a steep narrow sidewalk on 27th where trucks roar by inches from the curb. A baby stroller cannot fit by. In places there is less than 18 inches clearance.

    The sidewalks are not ADA compliant.

    The City Manager’s Office is fully aware of these road conditions and is fully aware of the September 25th, 2018 document from the City Attorney’s Office. In fact, this very document was recently cited by the City Manager in Open Session of the City Council meeting as evidence of the Cities responsiveness to the concerns I have raised about trucks on 27th and the safety, pollution, noise and vibration they bring.

    Dear Councilmembers,

    Please address these issues squarely in the CIP planning meeting tonight and please do what you can to honor the cities commitments.

    Thank You,
    Anthony Higgins

    PS: I counted 24 heavy trucks just in the time it took to type this email. Each time my house rattled and I could not hear the radio playing in the background.