Meeting Time: July 16, 2019 at 7:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

10. REPORT 19-0468 Planning Commission interpretations on whether seating plan modifications are minor and acceptable for a Limited live Entertainment Permit for Hermosa Brewing Company, 1342 Hermosa Avenue.

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    Dave Davis about 1 year ago

    The previous comment from Kathie Stemig, while valid, is regarding the proposed business at 190 Hermosa Ave., not 1342 Hermosa Ave. Please delete from the Hermosa Brewing Co. agenda item and disregard.

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    Kathie Stemig about 1 year ago

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am VERY CONCERNED and HIGHLY OPPOSED to the extension of operating hours being extended to 11 pm at 190 Hermosa Ave. This restaurant sits in a residential area, not 4 feet from its closest neighbour. There is very little, if any street parking in the evening, so this will mostly cater to residents who live locally, so there should be little, if any, need to be opened past 10pm. I am also concerned about allowing these conditions to a new business that has no history in our city, doesn't know the neighbourhood or have any data showing that there would be a need to be open until 11pm. I am all for having a good neighbourhood place to eat, but there is absolutely no reason to allow for an extension of operating hours. My suggestion would be to revisit after 12-18 months to see if and what the impact has been on the closest neighbours. If the data shows that there has been no issue and the need is there to extend, then it is very simple to revisit and discuss an extension, rather than revoking an extension that was misused. I have already had to call code enforcement/police 2 times for the renovations, once for working on a Saturday until 7pm, 2 hours passed the posted working hours, and starting before 8 am (the doors were also opened on a Sunday, but I was driving away and couldn't see if work was being done). If this is an indicator of how rules are to be followed, then I believe opposing the request for the extended hours on the idea that the extension request can be revisited in no less than 12 months is the best option. Thank you for your time and consideration for the neighbours who live close to this establishment.

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    Peter Snow about 1 year ago

    I have been a regular at Hermosa Brewing Company (HBC) from the time they have opened. I also visited the previous failed business at this location, Brat & Brau. The owners of HBC made small, subtle changes to the space when they moved in but the impact was huge. It is a much warmer, more inviting space with a much better traffic flow. It has become a favorite of mine and many of my friends and you can find us there multiple times a week.

    As a resident of Hermosa, I believe that our city should strive to support owner operated businesses that cater to locals. As we are seeing in Manhattan Beach, without the support of locals and city government, small locally owned businesses will have no choice but to close down or move to a friendlier environment.

    Thank you for considering my feedback,

    Hermosa resident,
    Peter Snow

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    Sean Dennison about 1 year ago

    Hermosa Brewing Company is an example of a resident investing in his community, and doing so in a first-class manner. Not only is it locally-owned, but it is strongly encouraged to bring family/kids to have a bite and play a game (or watch one!). It said something about the place that they gave essentially the same staff that the opened with and, to the extent that they believe that live entertainment will bring additional business to their venue (& tax revenue to our city), we need to be leaning into that idea with everything we have. Let’s not overthink the chance to improve one of our already-bright spots.