Meeting Time: November 19, 2019 at 7:00pm PST
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Agenda Item

14. REPORT 19-0781 Potential Municipal Code amendments to Chapter 17.04 Definitions, and Chapter 17.28 M-1 Light Manufacturing Zone, and add 17.42.200 for a new Limited Events Permit to allow Cypress District businesses to host openings or events to showcase and offer products for sale on a limited basis.

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    Mike Collins 6 months ago

    The Cypress area of Hermosa Beach has long been a hotbed of creativity, innovation and craftsmanship. These are facts that should be celebrated and encouraged. As you can read from all of the public comments, the community, including the majority of building and business owners, are in favor of what is happening in the area. We are attracting positive community involvement and attention to our town.
    As a matter of fact, the only complaints ever lodged about the changes in the area are being lobbied from the owner of the gym that is currently suing the city. Is it possible that they were filing complaints to help bolster their legal dealings, and that under different circumstances they too would be in favor of exactly what we are asking to have amended?
    The presence of new growth in the area is in alignment with both Hermosa’s history, and her future. This is serving to clean up, promote and shine light on some of what is best about our community.
    When we moved into the space that is now ShockBoxx, the building was in disrepair, with trash spilling out of dumpsters that contained mattresses, collections of junk leaning on the exterior walls and a large orange van that had been an eyesore and joke on the street for nearly 10 years. In addition to cleaning up the frontage of the building, there is a noticeable absence of the once common drug dealing, violence and intimidation that occurred on the regular.
    As neighbors and business owners in the area, we are watchful and dedicated to keeping the street clean. As a matter of fact, we regularly sweep the gutters from the building that begins at 717 Cypress and continue beyond ShockBoxx to the bottom of Cypress at 6th street. We do this at no charge to Athens or the City. We do this because we believe in the community and take pride in the area.
    Look around. Others are following suit. You have heard from the businesses and planning commissioner who report that we share parking with one another, and that some daytime businesses use other’s parking spaces in exchange for use of their space in the evening.
    So, what HAS happened since ShockBoxx and some of the other new creative spaces have arrived on Cypress? Specific to ShockBoxx, we have hosted art shows for locals to celebrate surfboard manufacturing in the area, for Keoni Boyd to showcase decades of his craft, almost all of which he created in the 717 building of Cypress. We’ve held art openings for local elementary and high school kids…all of these not to make money, but to celebrate the people and power of our community. We’ve opened our doors to allow art shows that raise awareness about marine environments, eating disorders, addiction, gun violence and female empowerment. In addition to this, we’ve created a space that is being talked about in the larger art community. Many of our openings and art endeavors have been featured in or on the cover of local newspapers and magazines. This is not just in the Southbay. We have caught the attention of the global art community.
    Art patrons, artists, magazines, critics and everybody in between are writing about this little area of Hermosa Beach and how cool the surfboard shapers, music studios, automotive guys, plumbers and woodworkers seem to blend together. They are writing about ShockBoxx and wondering how a little street in Hermosa Beach can attract a Hollywood filmmaker to have his debut solo show and bring in television and film insiders, influential executives and gallery owners one weekend, and a month later host a local photographer’s show that brings back the same crowd. They return because they like the town, the street, and the people they meet here. ShockBoxx is putting Hermosa Beach on the art map as a place to be taken seriously. Local artists are meeting larger opportunities and being celebrated by a wider audience.
    Just last Saturday we held a photography show that was the result of an international art call. This juried show hosted photographers from as nearby as Hermosa, Redondo, Manhattan and Palos Verdes, and as far away and Montana, New York and Germany. Two of the photographers flew in with their families. They stayed in local hotels for the weekend and I’m guessing they probably ate at local establishments, shopped at local stores, and will likely go home and tell their friends just how cool Hermosa Beach is, and how they too should come visit.
    The simple ask, and simple solution to help keep this moving forward in responsible fashion, is to amend the zone text to allow for this to continue. One way would be to change typical use hours to 9pm. The other simple solution is to amend the current Temporary Minor Special Event Permit to allow for more than 12 events in a calendar year, or to write a new permit similar to the one used on Pier Avenue and Hermosa Avenue. This permit could be valid for one or two years, and would still hold businesses accountable to following rules that govern noise and crowd flow.


    Mike Collins

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    Lee Hudspeth 6 months ago

    Dear Hermosa Beach City Council Members, Planning Commissioners, City Manager and City Staff:

    I am a 35-year resident of Hermosa Beach. My wife and I own a home at 1105 2nd Street, halfway up the hill between Saint Rocke and Prospect Avenue. I have frequently walked from my home to the Cypress District in the evening to enjoy art events at Resin, ShockBoxx and Studio 637.

    All these events have been professional, clean, quiet, enjoyable and harmonious. I never observed any negative impact on the street itself or any of the surrounding buildings. The event attendees always behaved respectfully and politely.

    Whenever I walk or drive along the Cypress Avenue Arts District, it is always a positive and uplifting experience for me. I’m confident this is true for the many other patrons of these excellent galleries and companies.

    I strongly endorse and support all the arts-related businesses operating on Cypress Avenue. These businesses have added to my sense of community in Hermosa Beach (and Cypress Avenue itself) and inspired me artistically.

    I support the proposed amendments and additions that allow for a new Limited Events Permit to allow Cypress District businesses to host openings or events to showcase and offer products for sale.

    If you have any questions for me, I would be happy to answer them.

    Sincerely, Lee Hudspeth

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    Grant Ibrahim 6 months ago

    Why limit something that is good for our community? The events always bring friends and neighbors together for the arts. It’s great for residents and local businesses. Please don’t change what works well for the community!

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    Adam Malovani 6 months ago

    I'm 100% in favor of a new Limited Events Permit for the Cypress District and anything we can do as a community to encourage music (and art) in Hermosa in general. Music and art are in our cultural DNA.

    It sounds like the primary concern from a handful of neighbors is the noise, which I can understand. Rather than limit the number of events a gallery, music studio or business can have, how about we set the limit on the decibel levels? If a larger event is planning to exceed the decibel levels, maybe it would require signatures from a specified % of the neighbors within a certain radius of the event, as is required for a block party.

    I'm especially interested in changing the permit process to make it easier, faster and less expensive to allow "amplified" music outdoors around Hermosa. It's my understanding that currently, if you want to have an acoustic guitar plugged into a small amp outdoors, it requires a Special Event Permit, an Amplified Music Permit and Insurance which costs a total of about $1,300 plus presentations to and approvals by Parks & Rec and City Council and several months lead time. Again, the permit could designate the max decibel level. Let's encourage live music outdoors rather than restrict it.

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    John Behan 6 months ago

    Dear Planning Commission,
    I purchased the building at 620 Cypress in 2004 to move my thriving business to the city in which I live. My business continues to grow and I support 25 south bay families through employment in my company. Resin and Raphael's team have been very courtesy neighbors and I enjoy the work that they are doing. We rarely get in each other's way since we run on different schedules and we have open lines of communication.
    My concerns are two fold. First, with this proposed change to the Cypress district, how these events will be monitored and policed? My business is a day time business and is most of the Cypress district. If events spill over to the streets, sidewalks, etc then who is responsible for the clean up. I believe it puts undo pressure on the businesses to become the "tattle tales" if these events don't stay within their limits. Also, will these events be required to be placed on the city special events calendar?

    Second, if the zoning and permissible business and events moves forward then it must encompass all businesses in the M-1 areas. The commission should not do spot zoning as suggested during the Cypress walk event with only certain businesses being allowed to have events or only certain businesses being able to do retail. The possibility of spot zoning begs the question of favoritism towards certain types of businesses in the area.
    I am not opposed to changes in the area as long as the changes do not become problematic for legacy businesses or businesses that don't fall into the "creative arts" category.
    John Behan
    JB Plumbing

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    Wayne Bradley 6 months ago

    I fully support Hermosa and the Arts, and I like what they are doing at the Industrial Arts District on Cypress with the Art Galleries, Music, Production facilities, Surfboard Designers & Shapers and any additional Industrial Arts.

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    Jeff Baker 6 months ago

    As a resident, musician, business supporter and art lover, I am in strong support of this amendment. This will go a long way to improve the variety of how residents and visitors alike see and experience HBCA and also support local business. Thanks in advance for the consideration. JB

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    Zeal Levin 6 months ago

    I am fully in support of all the art, music and creative work that has been happening on Cypress Ave. Art, music, and other creative endeavors, like those happening on Cypress improve the lives of local residents, build community, and have the possibility to bring significant attention to the Hermosa beach art scene in general.

    I am grateful to be a musician who is part of the incredibly supportive and wonderful Hermosa Beach arts community. The Cypress district is not only making art, but also doing charity work, and giving back to the community and those less fortunate.

    with gratitude,
    Zeal Levin

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    C N 6 months ago

    As a community - I support businesses showcasing any and all openings and or events. This community especially - is so creative...there needs to be a place to allow those to express all talents for others to experience.

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    Jose Bacallao 6 months ago

    I am in full support of the Art & Music Scene in the Cypress District. This is a great step forward for our community.

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    Alex Smith 6 months ago

    I support a Cypress arts district. My grandfather was born in Hermosa, my dad grew up in Hermosa, I lived for 10 years in Hermosa, and my younger brother now lives in Hermosa, all a few blocks away from Cypress and 6th St. Economics are changing, people are changing. The community of Hermosa Beach is not clamoring for more light manufacturing zoning. Hermosa is a community of people not just a place. And people are excited for art and music and fun, and that doesn't always have to be concentrated that Pier Avenue.

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    Robert Fortunato 6 months ago

    Honorable City Planning Commissioners,
    My wife, Monica, and I have been to many art openings and musical events in the Cyprus district and found them to be wonderful community building events and some of the best parts of being in Hermosa. As a Hermosa residents and homeowners for over 25 years we welcome a change to event permits that will make holding these events a much easier process.
    Thank you,
    Robert Fortunato

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    Myko Kona 6 months ago

    There are many businesses in Hermosa Beach. I personally feel I'd like to see more changes that allow for growth. These businesses will provide opportunities for everything from employment to community involvement and resource. We need to celebrate the local small businesses not just the large corporate institutions. I'd like to see Hermosa flourish and maintain it's coastal lifestyle. We can all coexist. Cypress also helps keep the musical and artistic culture that has shaped this beach community. I'm all for seeing more events on Cyrpess and throught the city. Let's all come together and support one another and watch our city grow and make life more beautiful for the residents and visitors. This is a good start.

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    Russ Gilbert 6 months ago

    I live just one street over from Cypress and the idea of it evolving into a vibrant and rich cultural center is quite exciting. Art and Music will help support local businesses and give residents more reason to stay near home on nights and weekends.

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    Renee Dokmanovich 6 months ago

    I am 100% in support of the growth that is happening in the Cypress district. The South Bay needs a treasure like this. I have attended events in that area and it has added a tremendous amount of culture to my family & to myself.

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    Vicki Hicks 6 months ago

    The Cypress Industrial Arts District we Absolutely wecome & support them to showcase Art & Music and products for sale Art, in any form, can give people emotions that can lift up their spirit and make them more driven than ever. ... And this is the mere reason why art & Music  is important in our daily lives. With the art that we are surrounded by, whether it's a painting, music or even videos can have a huge impact on our mood and emotions
    Thank you

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    Stephen McCall 6 months ago

    Fervent support for the Cypress District businesses to host openings or events to showcase and offer products for sale. I love attending events there with my family and greatly appreciate all the effort that these local businesses do to support our schools, as well as inspiring a love of art and culture for our kids.
    Stephen McCall - Hermosa School Board

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    Renee Layman 6 months ago

    Supporting local people and business is a good thing and the fact that art and helping people is included in that is even better! I support this 100 percent. I love dropping in on shows and events and seeing how coming together as a community can have such a positive effect!

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    JL Cederblom 6 months ago

    Shockboxx and the other creative spaces on Cypress are a great asset to the South Bay. When beautiful creative people come together to create, clean up and build community it is something that builds so much value to not only the property but the entire South Bay. I whole heartedly support the efforts being made to continue to hold inspiring events in the Cypress community of creatives and look forward to seeing more art from around the world being brought into our neighborhood.

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    Christine Shultz 6 months ago

    Shockboxx and Resin are the best thing that happened to Cypress. They have improved that street and are helping define the cool vibe on that street. This is in line with Hermosa’s soul. We are very lucky to have art galleries in our town. I pop in with my kids to give them an art experience. Please approve so they can keep doing the great things they are doing for our community. No

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    Sarah Levis 6 months ago

    Dear Council,

    I am writing in support for an updated zone. Shockboxx is not only important to Hermosa but it had given people like myself (living in Pasadena) an opportunity to discover the wonderful community in HB. Cypress is extremely important to locals and the Greater Los Angeles.

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    jeremy quant 6 months ago

    Dear Planning Commission,

    I am writing in support of an updated zone and permit process to allow for the type of events that take place at ShockBoxx, Resin, Cypress Surf and other businesses along Cypress Avenue. I have come in from out of the area for several of these and find them a great draw to Hermosa Beach.

    Thank You,


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    Scott Frantz 6 months ago

    I have been to many Art shows in this area and all have been very nice low key events. Great use of the Cypress District.
    This type of event on a limited basis is perfect and I hope you can approve to move it forward.

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    Christine Tasto 6 months ago

    Commenting to express my support for enhancing the Cypress District and the proposed modifications to allow for special events and limited retail sales. The area has benefited from the efforts by Mike Collins/ShockBoxx and Rafael McMaster/Resin, as well as others no doubt, to bring interest, culture and community to that under-served area. Hermosa Beach is lucky to have them in our community!

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    Josh Sweeney 6 months ago

    Dear Council,
    I am a Hermosa resident, started a business out of a Hermosa Beach garage and have worked with Mike and Laura of Shockboxx Gallery to host a successful and safe event. The Cypress Ave. area of town is the last bastion of Hermosa Beach that breeds creativity, community engagement and beach culture, many of the attributes which create the foundation our great city was built on. The strong community bond is why so many people want to live in and visit Hermosa Beach. Over the last decades we've continued to do away with much of the history that made Hermosa Beach such great place to live and visit in-lieu of housing we can barely afford to live in and restaurants we can't always afford to eat at. We're slowly losing the spirit and identity our City was built on. The Arts District on Cypress Ave. is something our City should take great pride in, an authentic area to inspire current and future generations to congregate in a collaborative setting. A vote against this amendment is a vote against Hermosa Beach's creative community, past, present and future. I fully support this amendment and appreciate your consideration.

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    Maria Cracknell 6 months ago

    What a treasure Cypress has become. Not only helping aspiring artists show there work but a wonderful way to meet and get to know our diverse neighbors. I look forward to see what Mike Collins comes up with and watched his audience attendance grow and grow. What I love about Hermosa Bch is the diversity and all wonderful artists and neighbors I have met since ShockBoxx has opened. Sharing my art and meeting al the other artist that have inspired me.I hope Cypress continues to grow and hope Hermosa Bch continues to support such a positive environment for our neighbors and the friends we continue discover.
    Maria Cracknell

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    Karl Rogers 6 months ago

    Planning Commission Members:

    Thank you for recognizing the potential of the Cypress District to better serve the cultural needs of our community. I strongly support your desire to work with business owners and the community to identify specific Municipal Code amendments to responsibly foster cultural development of the Cypress District. Because of its unique economics and zoning, the Cypress District has long been one of the only places where local artisans can practice their craft and contribute to the unique and authentic spirit of our community. The recent cultural and artistic momentum in the Cypress District provides you with the perfect opportunity to make these few specific code changes that will result in a much better experience for all stakeholders for generations to come. I applaud your decision to take this matter up and the collective vision and persistence to see it through. Thank you!

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    Pamela Klebaum 6 months ago

    I am not a local resident, but have shown my art at the vibrant Shockboxx Gallery on Cypress Avenue. It is an important venue for artists, emerging and established, to share their works in an intimate and supportive atmosphere.

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    Kevin Sousa 6 months ago

    I am communicating to this page as an owner of The Hermosa Music Co. We are investing in our community by attempting to assist, facilitate, produce and cultivate the creative process through art and music as well as cleaning up what was once urban blight (the drug dealers and prostitute are gone and no longer welcome). The Cypress Industrial Arts District is developing into an asset of our community and the events that are being organized are giving its members an alternative to commune together around what Hermosans and other South Bay residents are creatively producing. Parking is never an issue as most walk or uber. We are aware and respectful to not stress the neighborhood as we are the neighbors... Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.

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    Allan Mason 6 months ago

    My wife and I have attended many shows at both galleries in the area, and have found them to be a delightful addition to our neighborhood. A budding cultural hub like this would be great for our city! We don't feel it would be fair to compare what goes on with these galleries with the recent situation with the Crossfit gym, and their complaints should not impact your decision.

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    Carolyn Liesy 6 months ago

    I think Schockboxx Gallery is an asset to Hermosa Beach. I am very impressed by Mike and Laura’s contribution to the arts in South Bay! I support the Gallery!

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    Michelle Crispin 6 months ago

    As a longtime South Bay resident I fully support the Cypress arts scene - I love attending events there with my friends and family and hope it continues to flourish!

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    Dave Rottenberg 6 months ago

    I am in full support of the growing Art Scene in the Cypress District. It's great for the community and an aspiration for our kids.

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    Nicholas Kozis 6 months ago

    The emerging arts district is an incredible benefit to our community.
    Both Resin and Shockboxx galleries contribute to the cultural enrichment of our Beach Cities Communities by bringing both revenues and visitors. I encourage and support the galleries.

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    Lois Keller 6 months ago

    This is an awesome art community growing and is bringing in friendly visitors and revenue to the area. I strongly support it and love Shock Boxx gallery!

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    Katrin Cooper 6 months ago

    Dear council.
    This is a beautiful thing that is happening on Cypress Street in Hermosa.
    People who have a heart for art, the city of Hermosa and it’s people.
    For example we attended an Art opening at Shockboxx last Saturday. A professional curated show. Like you would have up in LA or a palos Verdes.
    And guess what everybody went out after and supported the local restaurants after.
    It was a fantastic night.
    So please consider extending the permit and allowing this to be an all around art gallery that gets to support not just the local art but extends it even deeper into the community.

    Thank you
    Katrin Cooper

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    Brad Carss 6 months ago

    As an artist, art aficionado, gallery exhibit attendee and long-time South Bay resident, I can wholeheartedly attest to the community benefit derived by the support of more art-related activity in the local environs of Hermosa Beach. Well-rounded municipalities serving the needs of their residents can significantly effect the social, cultural and artistic ambiance of the city through well thought-out plans to encourage the blossoming of new and established efforts to attract the broad array of people who seeks out art-oriented activities to enrich their daily lives. I support the current proposed Municipal Code amendment.

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    John Koller 6 months ago

    Dear Hermosa Beach City Council & Planning Commission,
    As a artist and active community member of the South Bay and beyond, I believe that Hermosa Beach has the rare opportunity to boost it's cultural profile by supporting the Cypress District, Shockboxx and the creative events involved in the area.
    Philanthropy, community engagement and the arts are values which every city should embrace.
    Business owners, residents and visitors have benefited from the visionary and responsible activities taking place on Cypress over the last few years. Please support the family-friendly, creative events in which artists and community members can intermingle during the unique happenings on Cypress!
    Taking pride in Hermosa Beach is taking pride in creative culture.

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    Michele Oviedo 6 months ago

    I and my husband both support this action, we are HB homeowners. Having a venue for various arts is very important for community health. It has been proven that interaction and creating art is good for your health. In fact there is a 2015 Mayo clinic study that showed folks who actually create can help hold off dementia. Having a location that is within walking distance is so nice and can get others interested in creating art for themselves and the community. I do hope you move forward with this positive change for Hermosa Beach.
    Michele and Frank Oviedo

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    Ellen Wroe 6 months ago

    I fully support the cultural renaissance happening on Cypress Ave. The events hosted by ShockBoxx have brought me and my family out from Manhattan Beach and into Hermosa Beach -- allowing us to discover the awesomeness that is your town. These events have also managed to bring scores of our friends from the greater LA area into Hermosa despite the dreaded 405...a feat that is borderline miraculous. #KeepCypressHappenin'


    Your Manhattan Beach Neighbors

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    Steven Fujimoto 6 months ago

    Dear honorable members of the Hermosa Beach City Council & Planning Commission,

    Ever since EGO Gallery closed its doors a number of years ago, we in the South Bay arts community have been searching for a local venue that serves the needs of contemporary artists & patrons--we found it on a scruffy strip of Cypress Ave. In particular, Shockboxx Gallery has become a beacon for artists looking to exhibit in their own communities. But a few words about commerce...

    Those closely aligned with the art scene know that artists and galleries are the pathfinders for increased commerce--where they put down roots, commerce tends to follow--particularly desirable commerce. Witness neighborhoods like Culver City, where restaurants like Lukshon and Vespertine are anchored by the galleries in the area. I see similar potential in Hermosa Beach, where the city becomes a destination for both fine art and great food, and I believe that passing the Limited Events Permit is the first right step in that direction.

    With respect,
    Steve Fujimoto

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    Robert Smith 6 months ago

    Continuing to foster an arts-supportive community is in keeping with Plan Hermosa, good for artists and art-related businesses, and good for art-loving residents and visitors. Just the term, "Cypress Arts District" is cool. And, it's walking/biking distance from all over town. Thanks to Mike and Laura for the initiative. ShockBoxx and Resin are the anchors, and we've got a potential music venue Studio 637 across the street as well.

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    Terri Lloyd 6 months ago

    I am a long time supporter and artist participant with ShockBoxx gallery on Cypress Avenue. I drive from Highland Park on the east side of Downtown Los Angeles to participate and otherwise support the gallery. When I come to ShockBoxx, inevitably, I bring others with me and we usually stop for a bite to eat at local restaurants either before or after attending gallery programming. My assumption is that many others who support and participate with gallery programming do the same. The point being, that the value of allowing special events in this area zoning goes beyond the walls of the studios and galleries concerned and becomes community benefit.

    In addition, it allows the galleries and studios to become viable and meaningful businesses for the artists and artisans supported.

    All one has to do is take a look at other communities where artists have moved in and revitalized what may have been blighted or unused space to see the value the arts bring. Silverlake, Echo Park, Downtown LA, Highland Park, Boyle Heights, Culver City, Venice. Gentrification push back aside, communities benefit from a thriving arts core.

    What better way to hold a community together than through the arts?

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    Rebecca Montoya 6 months ago

    I love Shockboxx Art Gallery. It has allow my growth as an artist. It has introduced me to other influential artist that I admire. It has contributed enormously to the exposure of my art as well as my reach to new fans that commission my work. Places like this only contribute to the enrichment of culture and society, the positive engagement of a community which leads inevitably to the increase of a neighborhood’s value and it’s properties and businesses. We need more of Shockboxx and it’s events!

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    Preston Smith 6 months ago

    I support ShockBoxx wholeheartedly and what it is doing for the community. Not only is it providing a fun, cultural and social environment for people to engage, but it is expanding awareness of the arts and local and international artists to Hermosa Beach and Los Angeles in general.

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    David Keane 6 months ago

    I’m in support of allowing events in the Cypress District. The residents/tenants are big supporters of the community, the events are great family oriented alternatives to (other great fun) in Hermosa, they always seem responsible and accountable, and they communicate well.

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    Lana Imbagliazzo 6 months ago

    I support ShockBoxx, Resin and other incoming art galleries for Cypress Avenue. These 2 galleries have added so much to Hermosa.

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    Rosine Sorbom 6 months ago

    Hermosa is beginning to have a real art presence in the Cypress Street area. Having an art district with the opportunity to have receptions, events, and art openings will increase the awareness of how great Hermosa is, and how supportive of the arts it is. I hope that the Cypress Street Art District will grow and bloom to be a SoCal venue of note!

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    Don Adkins 6 months ago

    Having the Hermosa Beach Arts District gaining a foothold over the past couple of years has been awesome. Achor tenants such as ShockBoxx has brought a buzz & excitement to the South Bay art scene and draws a great demographic of folks for their various gallery events. We used to have tge same in Tedondo Beach during tge heyday of Cannery Row which I greatly miss. Now Hermosa is the place to be.

    Don Adkins
    Hermosa Beach Fine Arts Festival Board

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    Stuart Marcus 6 months ago

    I support this