Meeting Time: December 09, 2019 at 7:00pm PST
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Agenda Item

10. REPORT 19-0815 CUP 19-11: Conditional Use Permit request to allow a dance and music studio (assembly hall) at 402 Pacific Coast Highway (Studio 1137 School of Dance and Music) and determination that the project is categorically exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

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    VadimBog VadimBog about 1 year ago

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    Marylou Puckett about 1 year ago

    Dear Honorable Commission Members!

    As a long-time resident of one of the homes located directly across the street from the proposed dance and music studio, I would like to welcome the business to its new location! I do have some important suggestions to make, though, which will contribute to the overall business success of the studio and its relationship with its students and the surrounding residences:

    1) Adequate security lighting must be provided (especially in the alley way), but the level of brightness must be kept low enough, so as not to interfere with the daily living activities of the neighboring residences.
    2) Heavy duty noise reduction glass and noise prevention acoustics must be installed. The businesses and residents of the PCH Corridor are already exposed to an over abundance of noise pollution, caused by traffic noise.
    3) The new trash enclosure must remain locked at all times, only to be opened and immediately locked again by employees of the wine and spirits shop and the dance studio.
    4) Signage must be provided on the east side of the building, clearly stating the penalties for illegal dumping, loitering, public intoxication, and urination.
    5) Signs should be installed that convey the message that delivery trucks need to watch out for pedestrians, including small children. In addition, the parking lot must be maintained in a clean manner and all trash and liquor bottles should be consistently removed.
    6) It is important that the building’s safety should be maintained and the outer bricks and tiles should be cleaned or painted, as the building has become dilapidated and is a local eyesore.

    All in all, I am very enthusiastic about the new dance and music studio, bringing additional dance and music instruction to our local community and once, again, would like to welcome it to the neighborhood!

    Kind regards,
    Marylou Puckett

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    Kevan Puckett about 1 year ago

    Dear Planning Commission members,

    As a 21 year home owner whose residence is located within 200 feet of the proposed dance and music studio at 402 Pacific Coast Highway in Hermosa Beach, I am generally supportive of this new business. But, I have 4 issues of concern.

    1. There must be effective sound proofing installed, and the doors must remain closed at all times.

    2. High wattage flood lights, used in the past to illuminate the parking lot, yet shine brightly on nearby residences, are not acceptable. Properly angled security lighting, used at the rear of the building in the alley to eliminate dark areas and discourage dumping and public urination, is acceptable.

    3. The proposed rebuilt trash dumpster enclosure at the rear of the building must remain locked at all times, except when the business deposits trash. This will prevent transients from pulling the contents of the dumpster out onto the ground, causing a large trash mess that invariably blows into the adjacent neighborhood.

    4. A no dumping sign must be installed on the rear wall of the building, in the alley.

    I look forward to seeing this new business thrive in the years to come. If the proprietors of the dance and music studio respect the quality of life issues I have described, then we should all get along just fine.