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    Thomas Welch 3 months ago

    Re: 847 Bard St., Hermosa Beach, CA --- CON 19-1, PDP 19-1, VTPM #80296 & S-21#31

    1. Why should this project be allowed an 8” variance to the setback rules on the south side of the property?
    2. We are concerned about the possibility of a problem with the overhead power lines extending to 855/853 Bard St. Hermosa Beach, CA power lines that could be a problem during the construction. Can’t have a disruption of power to that property. The power lines are very close to the property lines. What would be the remedy of this problem?
    3. There is going to be a loss of a shared parking space between the 2 properties.
    4. The walkway to 853 Bard St. would be only 3 feet wide after this construction. This property change will mean that a shared walkway with 847 Bard Street (now over 8’ 3” wide) would be reduced to 3 feet. The 3 foot walk way is further reduced by an electric service box extending onto the walk way.
    5. Concerned about the 3 foot walk way collapsing after cutting along the property line during construction. This is the only access to 853 Bard St. and there can’t be any loss of access to 853 Bard St.
    6. What kind of supporting structure will shore up the 3 foot walkway? What protection will be in place to protect those walking down the walkway since the driveway will be below grade? During construction and after?
    7. How many months will the construction take?
    8. What are the daily work hours during construction?
    9. Which days per week will construction occur?
    10. We cannot have street access in or out blocked at any time for 848, 850, 853, 854, or 855 Bard as there is no other access in or out of these properties.
    11. Who do we call for construction issue problems (names and phone numbers) ?
    12. We do not want garage area lights on all night. Can be motion activated, but not constantly on as they will disturb the owner at 855 Bard.
    13. Who do we call for blocked street access (names and phone numbers)?
    14. Concerned about the construction noise as renters to 853 Bard work from home.