Meeting Time: March 31, 2020 at 2:30pm PDT

Agenda Item

b. Commercial landlords in the City are hereby prohibited from (i) charging rent or (ii) evicting commercial tenants for nonpayment of rent with respect to tenants whose businesses are subject to this Order or are otherwise closed (voluntarily or by mandate) to prevent or reduce the spread of COVID-19. A landlord knows of a tenant's closure within the meaning of this Order if the tenant, within 30 days after the date rent is due, notifies the landlord in writing of such closure, and provides appropriate documentation to support the claim. For purposes of this Order, "in writing" includes email or text communications to a landlord or the landlord's representative with whom the tenant has previously corresponded by email or text. Any financial information provided to the landlord shall be held in confidence, and only used for evaluating the tenant's claim.

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