mike detoy almost 5 years ago on Limit dog use on the strand

There are other discussions that people want dog owners to carry a bleach solution to clean up after our pets. It was a discussion post to limit non residents access to the strand during peak hours. The city requires us to register out dogs yet provides no dog parks within city limits... This was simply an idea to be able to use the beach. We all pay a premium to live in this beautiful area. Some of us to not have children and our pets are our children. It would be nice to have the opportunity to use the "Beach" of Hermosa Beach.

You mention civil liberties... The current city rules "harass" us and our animals but not allowing them on the beach. Besides terrible Newport, anther grimy city south of us called La Jolla, has a no dogs on the beach after 9 am rule. A law in place so residents can use the beach with their pets before peak hours.

All that being said, thank you for your suggestions but I'm very happy calling Hermosa Beach home.