Meeting Time: November 27, 2018 at 5:55pm PST
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Agenda Item

1. ORAL AND WRITTEN COMMUNICATIONS: This is the time for members of the public to address the City Council on any items within the Council's jurisdiction not on this agenda, on items on this agenda as to which public comment will not be taken (Miscellaneous Items and Reports - City Council and Other Matters), or to request the removal of an item from the consent calendar. Public comments on the agenda items called Miscellaneous Reports and Other Matters will only be heard at this time. Comments on public hearing items are heard only during the public hearing. Members of the audience may also speak:

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    maria haase 8 months ago

    We appreciate the Redondo Beach City Council and Mayor Bill Brand for creating a sub-committee in order to work with the
    Hermosa Beach City Council, Mayor Duclos and City Manager Lowenthal to explore alternative sites for the Stormwater
    Infiltration Project. We are looking forward to the results of this collaboration.