Meeting Time: June 18, 2019 at 7:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

8. REPORT 19-0395 Precise Development Plan 19-2 and Parking Plan 19-2 to allow a six-unit motel project by constructing a new three-story, detached 2,744 square foot commercial building containing five units, to be constructed behind the existing 1,841 square foot single-family residence which will be converted to an additional unit with a 212 square foot ancillary registration office, and a Parking Plan to allow the 6-space parking requirement to be met with 4 on-site spaces (including 1 tandem space) plus fees in lieu for 2 spaces, on a 4,023 square foot lot in the C-2 (Restricted Commercial) zoning district at 70 10th Street; and adoption of a Mitigated Negative Declaration.

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    JEFFREY SPARKS 7 months ago

    My family has lived on 10th street for 25 years and we have resided in Hermosa Beach since 1979. This is the second attempt to have the city allow non-compliance with the Master Plan which requires new construction to provide adequate parking for the intended use. The proposed Hotel will increase the demand for street parking without providing current residents with any mitigation. There is already numerous residences on 10th that do not provide the required parking for their tenants. The existing structure has parking for 6+ cars in the back and a car port on 10th that is used for the electric cart which is used primarily to save spaces for the Air B&B users of the party house. No staff discussion is offered as to where the employees who will work at the hotel will park. They will use the street as will many of the guests who will most likely be charged extra to park their cars in one of the four spots. Plus, the existing house can accommodate up to 10 persons who will need somewhere to park other than the car port as the new construction will eliminate the existing parking off the ally. The owners bought the lot with full knowledge of the existing zoning requirements. The current owners have a vested right to park our cars and invite our guests to visit us. Allowing yet another exception to the parking requirements interferes with that right. The existing owners are already inundated with weekend events and the crowded conditions the lack of available public parking has created over the last 20 years since parking on Pier west of Hermosa Ave was eliminated. If the applicants are unable to submit a plan that meets local zoning ordinances and parking requirements they should have considered that fact before the bought the property 3 years ago. If they are able to submit a plan that complies with the zoning/parking requirements then what good cause do they have to ask the existing owners/residents to subsidize their investment by having our quality of life take a back seat to their investment decisions. Parking is a serious problem on 10th street. Allowing builders/investors/developers to profit so they do not have to spend the money needed to engineer a structure that meets the parking requirements is unfair to existing owners/residents who must endure the congestion long after the structure is built. Five hotel rooms, and office and a 10 person rental house need to provide parking for guests and employees that at a minimum meet the business Zoning requirements. West of 70 10th street on the south side is zoned residential and was down zoned from R-3, to R-2 to R-2b over the last 25 years for this very reason -over crowding. The Staff recommendation fails to consider the negative impact on existing owners/residents and places the applicant in a position superior to existing owners by allowing additional development that will adversely impact current owners by further restricting their ability to enjoy their residences by allowing increased parking scarcity. The current plan to allow the new Pier hotel to use as a staging area existing public parking magnifies the need to make all new purchasers of realty to comply with the parking requirements for new construction.

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    Dennis Toomey 7 months ago

    Once again, this Developer is attempting to acquire a Parking Vatiance. This is unacceptable to those of us that reside in the affected area. 10th Street is severely impacted by every event that the City and Chamber of Commerce puts on. From the St Patrick's Day parade, the two Festivals Volleyball Tournaments, Movies on the Beach, Concerts on the Sand, Movie filming, et al! I am 69 and disabled, my father is 93 and disabled; we already struggle mightily for parking at or near our residence. Granting the requested reduction does nothing to alleviate an already impossible situation, and will only make matters worse. How about something other than lip service and garage sales as solutions? Quit selling the residents out!!