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Introduction and Overview

The City of Hermosa Beach is currently working on updating and integrating two of the City’s key planning documents - the General Plan and Local Coastal Program. Collectively referred to as PLAN Hermosa, this Plan will set a long-term vision and provide policy direction and guidance to residents, City staff, decision-makers, and the community on what investments we make in our infrastructure, how we preserve our small beach town character, where changes are needed to grow our economy and create local jobs, and how we aspire to create a healthier environment that protects our coastal resources and sets Hermosa Beach on a path toward a more sustainable future. Within PLAN Hermosa, goals and measurable actions have been established that will help us achieve our long term vision as a community that values our small beach town character, vibrant economy, and healthy environment and lifestyles.


We want to hear your constructive feedback regarding this draft Plan. Please be as specific as you can in your responses/recommendations. We will then aggregate the input collected and share with City Staff and Decision-Makers.


Review the Latest Documents

Comments submitted on the Public Review Draft of PLAN Hermosa on or before February 25, 2016 will be considered in the Public Hearing Draft presented to the City’s Commissions and City Council beginning in March 2016.

December 15, 2015 – Public Review Draft:

A hard copy of the document is also available for review at the following locations: Hermosa Beach Community Development Department, Hermosa Beach Police Department, Hermosa Beach Library, and the City's Community Center.


Provide Your Feedback

Between now and June 2016, the community will have five different ways, and at least 12 in-person opportunities to help shape PLAN Hermosa before it is adopted by the City Council. The different ways to participate include:

    - Request a presentation to your organization.

    - Attend the open house event or walking tours.

    - Participate online through this SpeakUp Hermosa! forum.

    - Watch or provide public comment at one of 10 study sessions or public hearings.

    - Provide written comments, ask questions, or discuss your concerns via email to or in writing to Ken Robertson, Community Development Director, City of Hermosa Beach, 1315 Valley Drive Hermosa Beach, CA 90254.


Please visit the project webpage for additional information regarding upcoming meetings and to see the latest documents.

    All residents should be allowed to purchase parking permits. This would encourage the use of local businesses and be a source of revenue for the city. The current residential permit program should be seasonally limited as it was until very recently. The year-around one hour limit unfairly puts a burden on other residents and visitors and essentially provides private parking for residents in that zone.